I’m an architect, passionate about craftsmanship which has led me to deepen and complement my knowledge of jewelry, interior design and marketing. My education and love for fashion, tradition, luxury, and social responsibility has equipped me to create Nina Peñuela.

Since I was a child, my grandmother who was a great, sensitive, talented craftswoman, began to teach me her art of embroidering. She taught me to dream of threads and needles. Through her eyes, I fell in love with fabrics. She gave me an understanding of the value of handcrafting art. I grew a love for the time, dedication, detail and subtlety involved in creating a handcrafted piece.Imprinting the soul with each stitch and rescuing the value of the traditions in its techniques, that is the essence of Nina Peñuela. It is what I seek to depict in all of my pieces, with which I pay tribute to the magic that surrounds Ethnic and Urban art.

Each accessory is delicately hand-made using techniques such as Crochet (Wayuu Community), Iraca pal leaf weaving (Colombia) or the embroidery style by the Guna Yala indigenous community known as mola art form. Amongst other techniques taken to subtly interwoven different textures and materials, resulting in versatile, unique and special pieces.

For me, talking about love for traditions also implies a social responsibility of inclusion. This has motivated me to focus my efforts on contributing my grain of sand to transform lives. My goal is to create a possibility to improve the quality of life for our collaborators by generating employment for women that, from their home, can contribute financially to their families.

With NP, I seek to join efforts working for the education and nutrition of indigenous children in situations of poverty. We are developing and promoting the direct sale of a bracelet called L.O.V.E (local, original, versatile and espiritual). We make our L.O.V.E. bracelet with two beautiful indigenous communities (Wayuu and Gunayala). Their essence is L.O.V.E and the proceeds of its sales are intended for Foundations and social programs for their communities. If you identify with me, join me, take my hand and together we build a network of love, dreams and social support…

L.O.V.E is currently marketed in our physical and virtual store. We hope to expand our network of friends so that we can spread our message worldwide, if you want to be a part of this project, write me at info@ninapenuela.com, Thank you for reading.